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Nageen Prakashan's Journey

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Founded in 1966 by Late Shri Nageen Chand Jain, Nageen Prakashan is one of the leading publishers of Academic books based in Meerut (U.P.). Since its inception, Nageen Prakashan’s mission has always been to provide resources in the space of education for the younger generation that help them create a brighter future. It is the relentless work towards our mission through which we have built unwavering trust amongst our stakeholders.

Starting with our most prominent publication, the Kumar-Mittal Physics, five decades later, NPPL has expanded to 250+ titles in different categories and across various academic boards. Quality and simplicity are a staple in any book developed at NPPL. Quality provides the best content to teach and learn from, and simplicity provides the conceptual clarity that stays with the students through life.

From comprehensive textbooks to precise handbooks and question banks, our team's collective effort makes our books what they are. We design and develop academic and children's books from Kindergarten to 12th grade across the ICSE & ISC, CBSE, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand Boards. Books are then printed through our sister company, Nageen Printpack, which specializes in printing and packaging.


Our success is built upon strong partnerships with our esteemed authors, editors, dedicated colleagues, and reliable vendors.

Reader-Centric Approach

We are adept at identifying and addressing the ever-evolving needs of our readers, ensuring we provide them with content that fulfils their aspirations.

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Quality is the cornerstone of all our publications and operations. Our commitment to innovation has continually set us apart from our competitors.